Technology is evolving at an intense speed and the mobile phone industry is a great example of this rapid advance. Every year, industries keep improving not only the operating system, the apps design, templates, and moods, but they are also optimizing the visual of the phone itself. These changes are planned to the smallest details of the android phone in order to keep wowing the customers and improving year after year and version after version.

Android Trends 2020There are around 5 billion mobile device users and 9.2 billion mobile connections across the world, so a lot of people are connected through these devices and don’t want to make an investment for a poor and not good looking one. Some day-to-day activities like online shopping, accessing your bank account, and organizing your life are becoming more and more dependent on phones! Moreover, the more these mobile activities grow, the more people will want to have the best and prettier phone in the market.

Are you ready to know what trends are coming up? Keep reading!

1 – Smoother Display

In 2019, the mobile phone industry evolved by making an android with a 120Hz rate display, much better than the 60Hz that we were used to, in a regular one. But what is a 120Hz display? This means that the screen is redrawn 120 times per second! This is amazing because it makes the animations smoother on the screen, makes gaming much more entertaining and it makes everything look more pleasant overall when you scroll through the content you’re watching.

2 – 3D Design

A 3D design or a “Waterfall Display” is becoming popular among newer phones. This feature is explained by a curved screen edge. This means that side edges are curved to such a degree that you can’t see any side bezel. We’ve seen this type of screen since 2014 but they were bold and incomparable to this new display “off the edge” that creates infinity-style and also a 3D look-like. Not only is it really beautiful aesthetically but also practical because it makes it more comfortable to hold the phone.

Two of the major challenges of this trend are that there isn’t any room left for the traditional button positions on the left and the extended screen leads to more glass that can fall on and crack.

3 – In-Screen Selfie Camera

Many manufacturers have been improving their self camera cutouts but let’s be honest, not everyone liked it and they actually listen to it, so this year the camera went completely under the screen with a technology called In-Screen Selfie Camera. This technology is extremely innovative by using an ultra-thin glass material and pixel structure above the camera, allowing light to pass through and reach the lens. The small rectangular thin glass was described as a “special low-reflective glass with high transmittance”. This way, you can’t even notice that you have a camera in the middle of the top of your screen, becoming an excellent approach to the coming phones.

4 – Buttonless

Get ready to leave the physical buttons behind! There’s a good chance that most android smartphones will replace traditional buttons to digital ones! You’re now asking how they can do it, right? So, it’s very simple to understand. Sentons are used and they are made with ultrasonic sensor waves identifying where the finger rests on the side of the phone.

But physical buttons served us so well in the past decades, so why do we need to replace them? I believe this is a matter of reaching an aspiring seamless design. If you’re paying attention, you know that these digital buttons made with sensors will be a solution for the challenge of Waterfall Display, right?

5 – More Cameras and More Megapixels

You can find multiple cameras in most high-end devices because each camera has its own tasks. For example, low-aperture lenses are excellent to capture all close details, and longer lenses can picture images from far away subjects. This means that you can get different levels of exposure to highlight all portions of a photo. We can’t also forget about the camera’s megapixels and their sensors due to the fact that manufacturers keep on improving these features, mainly because it’s what ultimately determines amazing image quality.

6 – Longer Battery Life

Phones with long battery life have been a challenge over the years and it seems that it’s a priority from some brands to please their customers. Nowadays, phones have a battery of over 4000 mAh to fight the major problem: batteries that won’t last 24 hours. Since phones are an essential accessory, this is a feature that needs to be thought of when producing a new product!

The Future of Androids

New versions of mobile phones keep on coming every year with better and unique features. Some of these are trending and are common among all different brands of android phones. Are you interested in any trend that I showed you? Do you want to have some of these features on your next phone? If the answer is yes, you’re in the year to expect the best phone with unique characteristics. Do your own research and choose an android that best suits your need. Hopefully, I’ve helped you in some way! Thank you for reading.

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