Android is a Linux-based software primarily designed for tablets and smartphones. This company was created in 2003 in Palo Alto by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears, and Chris White. As the year goes by, Android has grown and became a rival for big companies, like Microsoft. But the turning point for this software was when Google acquired it, improving this free operating system with an amazing amount of updates.

This company has become famous and the demand for operating android phones has grown in the past decade. Almost everyone you know uses an android and the reason of its popularity is the fact that it is “free” software, which enabled Google to join many leading hardware manufacturers in order to bring out the updated system to the consumers, worldwide. A fun fact that consolidates why these systems are so innovative on a big scale is the fact that there are around 100.000 applications developed for android with over 3 billion downloads. Pretty impressive, right?

We can see now how Android has grown from a small startup to a position of dominance over the mobile market while creating new product areas. This high position demanded a fixed and creative logo that everyone could identify, and that could also be a power move towards selling the products. The first logo was designed by Irina Block in 2007 as a full-body robot, which is easily associated with the name of the company. Some say the inspiration came from R2D2 from Star Wars! The color of the droid was also thought about deeply. Green is meant to characterize growth, freshness, eco-friendliness and prosperity.

In the last year, Android launched the latest version of the software and also changed the logo used since it was created – talk about a big move! But what did really change?

1 – What Happened to The Famous Droid?

Android's New DesignAt first glance, this rebranding looks subtle but it isn’t. The full-body robot has been replaced by a robot’s head, even though this change isn’t that drastic because the robot is almost the same. Now, the body is gone and the goal is to make the droid a little bit more expressive with eyes and antennas in different positions to evoke different emotions, as this compensates the fact of the lacking body.

2 – The Lettering Also Changed!

android logo historyThe brand new version of the Android logo has letters in black or white and the robot head in green (this couldn’t be changed) because they found out that the old green was hard to read, especially for people with visual impairments. The new green is really important for the brand but it isn’t the boring one of the older logo. It’s more vibrating and overall appealing. I personally love it! Replacing the old and unconventional wordmark with a basic geometric sans serif was a big decision that could have faced some backlash, but I totally understand, as it looks so much better!

3 – A Beautiful New Color Palette

A new color palette has been introduced, matching the green, such as a secondary blue and navy, as well as tertiary orange, chartreuse and light blue. The goal with this palette is described as “giving the brand flexibility to fit more appropriately in many different scenarios” and the set of these six colors are designed to work together and create contrast no matter the combination or layout behind/around them.

Better Late Than Never

Although Android hasn’t been around as long as bigger industries, we can say that they have earned their place among the rest. Since 2003, Android has risen and, nowadays, has only one large rival, Apple, which means that they need to improve, constantly, all their characteristics – from the system itself to the overall brand design (some people say that the logo isn’t an important aspect but everyone with s bit of marketing knowledge will totally disagree.)

Overall, I found the update exciting and impacting. I also love when these changes and rebranding appear, giving a new refreshed look to the company that keeps growing year after year, so it makes sense that the design must go along with the company’s updates.

However, changing the color palette, and killing the robot body so the head could incorporate the logo above the word “Android” had a powerful impact on how the brand represents itself.

What do you think about the new, greener, and fresh logo? Is it a good look for the company or you prefer the old one? Let me know in the comments!

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