Barricades save Lives and Control Crowds

We probably come across barriers every day, and they can be a lifesaver, they simply save lives by their presence. When people see them, they know that they must be cautious. The very presence of a barricade signal represents that there is something happening that could put your life at risk. They are an essential safety and warning device. There are numerous websites such as, etc. where you can find different kinds of barricades.

Applying a barricade

The main reason for applying barricades and barricade lights are blocking people and cars from entering certain areas.

The use of barricades

  • They are often used to block off people from entering an area where a crime has been committed
  • Where fire or other natural disasters have occurred.
  • They are also used to keep people away from places where a movie is currently being filmed.
  • They are also used to alert people when there is a sinkhole, flooding, mud, rock slide, debris, on the roadway.
  • They could also be used to block off potholes that may be dangerous.

Crowd Control and Barricades

Barricades are also used for crowd control. Especially when millions of people gather at Time Square in New York’s New Years Eve celebrations. Without barricades in this kind of situation, people might be crushed or injured. These barricades additional help divides the area into sections that are much more easily controlled and monitored by police than one large mass of people. Without the barricade’s dividing the area into manageable sections, police may not be able to get to a person who falls ill due to the cold or a health problem.

Breaking and Entering With and Without Stanchions

Breaking and entering lines have become a much-known habit of ours, some break lines to be the first one, some of us break lines just because we can, and some of us may break lines just to show off or show our friends what a cool joke is all about.

Breaking and entering a line without stanchions!

Breaking and entering lines without stanchions are easier as these lines stand scattered out, full of people arguing and frustrated with the length of time it takes to get the place needed, those indulged in serious conversations that they don’t even realize that someone just stood in front of them or those who can muscle their way through the crowd making it hard for the people within the store, concert or any place that may have long lines. To avoid such cases, stanchions should be used. There are a variety of stanchions available on websites such as, etc.

Try breaking and entering a line with stanchions!

Well, it is not as easy as it sounds for the simple reason that a crowd is already under control and cannot scatter around creating a sense of feeling in the person wanting to break the line as such where he is thinking if “I cross over the rope or go from below everyone’s would turn to look at me or that I would be forced to the back of the line”. This feeling constricts the negative thought of breaking the line.

Stanchion barriers are widely used for the red carpet events. This is the reason why people are forced to stand in line and allow the owners keep everything together.