Planning on purchasing velvet ropes. Here’s How you should consider them!

Velvet ropes are designed to be used to protect famous people like celebrities, from spectators and add a spectacular end to an event. You can easily buy quality velvet ropes through online sources such as, etc.

Here are 8  ways to buy the right velvet rope:

  1. Rope line:

It is a type of barrier which is designed to protect afamous person, from the audiences. Rope lines can be seen in nightclubs are also used to manage crowd there and other places.

  1. Movie theater rope:

It is generally used in movie premiers that attract a large number of people to organize the crowd. This is used in places where moviegoers fall in line to purchase tickets.

  1. Line divider rope:

These are used in banks and most of the airport to organize and maintain overwhelming crowd.

  1. Line guide rope:

The line guide rope is not a real crowd control barrier, but it serves as keeping people from any unauthorized access.

  1. Line separate rope:

It is to keep away the customer’s weariness while waiting for their turn. Especially found in cash counters in big shops and shopping mall where customers fall in line.

  1. Red carpet ropes:

These are lines at the entrance that serves as a separator from the fans and the bystanders.

  1. Queue rope:

It helps to maintain the crowd in banks, payment counters, customer service counters, ticket booths are just one of the few places they are put to the test.

  1. Line rope:

They can be found in public areas and are intended to serve as an indicator to people to the right path.