Why cuddling is good for you?

Cuddling not just makes a person feels completely awesome but it has a whole bunch of other benefits too. Cuddling in the form of therapeutic touch may even have the power of relieving the pain. Here are a few of the many benefits you should hire professional snugglers to cuddle with:

  1. It feels good:

Cuddling releases “oxytocin” (also known as the feel-good hormone) in the brain that creates a sense of well-being and happiness. It also releases endorphins, a chemical released after a good workout or when you eat chocolates.

  1. Reduces Stress and Blood Pressure:

Physical contact with others can help to reduce stress. Physical acts of touch such as hugging, kissing, etc. increases oxytocin levels which can help reduce blood pressure and which in turn reduces the risk of heart diseases. It can also help reduce stress levels and anxiety.

  1. It bonds women with babies and partners

Cuddling is healthy for people because of emotional attachment. It is healthy to want to be close. Too less or too much closeness is not good. You need to observe and explore your own personal comfort zone. You should be a better communicator to your partner on how much feels good and when it gets too close for comfort. You must find a balance between your comfort zone and needs along with your partner’s.